Westminster Mall Redevelopment – The Next Urban Center in Denver

Westminster mall redevelopment

Development magazine has recently highlighted the new Downtown Westminster development along with another suburban municipality — Addison, Texas — for their use of city streetscapes in the creation of vibrant new downtown landscapes that redefine the meaning of urban living.

Westminster’s bold vision for the new downtown has attracted national coverage with the story even being picked up by CNU (Congress for the New Urbanism) and posted on their site.

The City of Westminster has clearly demonstrated its goal to become the next urban center on Colorado’s Front Range, and the construction of a new Downtown Westminster at the site of the former Westminster Mall is a step in the right direction.

The planned community building will be built in keeping with modern architectural aesthetics, working from a remarkable foundation of community support and pride in the location to deliver a shared vision for a better urban future. By and large, the industry is finding out that such places are more successful if they have a variety of uses as the modern property owner or renter looks for real estate that is functional, socially-relevant and feature-rich.

With its strategic location halfway between Denver and Boulder on the thriving U.S. 36 tech corridor, Westminster’s new downtown will reshape the face of suburban Denver. The 105-acre site at U.S. 36 and Sheridan Boulevard has direct connection to one of the region’s busiest bus rapid transit corridors and hundreds of miles of bikeways, making it a haven for young professionals and families.

Denver is a bustling city with a population under 1,000,000 the urban landscape is rapidly evolving to accommodate the inflow of millennials who have set criteria on the living conditions they expect. New developments, parks, open spaces,  and readily available access to a host of amenities are all aspects and high quality of life, Downtown Westminster will combine all of that in a unique and vibrant mix of residential, office and commercial space, providing one more great reason for residents, businesses and visitors to live, work and play in Denver Colorado.

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