Drywall Finishing

Drywall Finishing

Drywalling is a lot harder than it seems – there are various stages to pass through, such as sanding, mudding, and screwing that can merge together into a single prolonged process if not managed properly.

That’s why it is important to know about drywall finishing levels, which consist in a set of professional standards codified by the gypsum industry and drywall professionals applied by Denver Colorado construction companies. Finishing levels show exactly what must be done to achieve a certain type of finish.

Ideally, all drywall must be mudded and sanded down for a mirror-smooth surface. However, this is simply not cost-effective. There is no point in mudding and sanding spaces that will rarely be seen. The exiting levels of finishes are 0 through 5, where 0 implies that that no finishing of any type has been done. In this instance the drywall is only fastened to the walls or ceiling. In level 1 the drywall is embedded in joint tape in joint compound and level 2 – involved skimming a thin coat of joint compound over the tape.

Level 3 Finishing

Heavy texture, such as knockdown texture is appropriate for level 3, which is typically specified in appearance areas before final painting, or where heavy-grade wall coverings are to be applied as the final decoration.  This level of finish is not recommended for smooth painted surfaces, or spaces, where light to medium weight wall coverings are specified.

Level 4 Finishing

This level is achieved after the application of another coat of joint compound to the tape and screws, followed by sanding. This level is recommended for spaces, where flat paints, light textures or wall coverings will be applied.  In critical lighting areas, gloss, semi-gloss and enamel paints should not be used over this level of finish.  The weight, texture and sheen level of wall coverings applied over this level of finish should be carefully evaluated.  Joints and fasteners must be adequately concealed at this point if the wall covering material is lightweight or has a gloss finish.  Un-backed vinyl wall-coverings should be avoided over this level of finish.

Level 5 Finishing

After the application of skimcoat, level 5 finishing achieves a glossier surface. This level of finish is recommended where gloss, semi-gloss, enamel or non-textured flat paints are specified, or where severe lighting conditions will occur.  This highest quality finish provides a uniform surface and minimizes the possibility of joint photographing and of fasteners showing through the final decoration. Level 5 finishing is a premium finish that is recommended when glossy and/or light will be coming from an angle low enough to highlight bumps and depressions and it is best to conceal that.

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