Commercial Remodeling With Drywall

Commercial Remodeling Drywall

Office spaces can be too one-dimensional as most companies seem to opt for the same structural solutions. However, there are ways you can capitalize on the future needs of the space you have. Naturally, every office needs storage, and visually interesting details can help the space stand out. This is where drywall comes in as it can create practical and interesting details.

When we discuss Commercial Remodeling options, it is important to mention the various drywall details that can be added to an office. Denver Colorado construction companies focus on drywall to enhance the visual interest of the room in one of several ways.


Built in bookshelves and display cases are used to add practical storage places in an office. They are easy to create and the size can be customized based on client preferences. Vinyl corner bead naturally flexes to fit curved shelves and rigid vinyl archway beads are pre-notched to easily finish curved designs in display cases. In contrast, metal bead requires snipping to fit the curve, so the end product would not be a nice and smooth finished edge.


Flush baseboards are used to create a clean, modern look in an office. In some instances a second layer of drywall can be added to create a recess. This allows for a sharp, clean corner.


Ceiling beams are often used for a unique architectural detail to an otherwise plain room. They can also enhance the ambiance of a room. After application of the, the vinyl beads are installed and the adhesive is applied to the inside of the bead and the drywall corner, and then secured with ½” divergent staples for added bonding.

Beams in office buildings can be fitted in a way that creates edges that catch the light and create shadows that are visually interesting.

Drywall is a functional construction material that can be used to complete office space in a visually interesting way. It is low-cost, but can result in big-impact upgrades to set an office apart and give a brand some personality. Commercial building owners in Denver Colorado would be shocked to see how simple drywall upgrades can create such a big impact. If you want to discuss the transformative (and affordable) properties of drywall, United Builders Service can provide an estimate and professional advice on budget options for your commercial project.

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