9th & Colorado Redevelopment

9th & Colorado Redevelopment

Development and construction at 9th & Colorado is underway and is expected to reshape the landscape of downtown Denver, turning it into a dynamic hub of commercial and residential space.

Since purchasing the 26 acre site on January 30, 2015, Continuum Partners and its general contractor, Saunders Construction have made significant advances in re-developing the landscape that was once home to the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and Medical Campus. United Builders Service is one of the firms commissioned to work on some of the residential portions of this project.

In eighteen months, 100% of demolition was completed at 9th & Colorado, which included the School of Dentistry, Emergency Room Pavilion, Authority Office Building, Barbara Davis Center, University Hospital, Biomedical Research Building, School of Pharmacy, Webb Waring Institute, Belle Bonfils, and the Critical Care Tower. Since then construction on the first residential apartment building located at the corner of 9th and Colorado has been underway. Infrastructure construction north of 9th Avenue began in the summer of 2016, with storm and water utility installation.  Roadway construction north of 9th Avenue is still in progress.

9th & Colorado Redevelopment2

9th & Colorado Redevelopment

Located on the former campus of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, the new re-development is situated approximately three miles southeast of Downtown Denver’s Central Business District. 9th & Colorado is shaping up to be a prominent and highly anticipated urban infill project, where some of the most reputable local construction companies are joining forces to leave their mark on the thriving downtown community.

9th & Colorado Redevelopment3

For more than 75 years, the 9th Ave. and Colorado Blvd. site was known as the campus for the University of Colorado Health and Sciences Center (UCHSC), aiding its growth and development from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. In the late 1990’s, however, it had outgrown the urban area and in 1996, the University began plans to move to Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Aurora. Surrounded by thriving residential neighborhoods, such as Congress Park, Cherry Creek North, Hilltop, and others, the 9th and Colorado site will be re-integrated into them after development of more commercial and residential spaces. Plans for re-development include around 250,000 square feet of retailers and restaurants, more than 1,000 residential options – including 112 affordable housing units – and multiple parks and open spaces. Envisioned to be a strong example of pedestrian-oriented development and mixed-use planning, participation of established local developers like United Builders Service will serve as a catalyst for responsible future development in the broader neighborhood context.

9th & Colorado (Formerly Biomedical Research Building) Implosion At 9th & Colorado BLVD